Santa-Cruz-Mountain-Bike-Camp-After-SchoolWOW! This summer is quickly proving to be one of our best camps yet. We’ve seen campers who were afraid to take off the training wheels turn into to confident mountain bikers in just 1 week.

What’s been most satisfying to see is the community building every day. By facing your fears, overcoming obstacles, and just staying active, you develop a connection with your group.

Life on the trails is different than life on the couch. The sites, the sounds, the smells (good and bad) all contribute to a unique experience – there’s always having something to talk about. One rider may hit a jump one way, but their friend might choose a different route – and they can work together to develop the best way to hit the jump.

You see, KidsDojo isn’t just about mountain biking. It’s about developing the mountain bike community in Santa Cruz and Los Gatos. By working with these children and providing expert instruction, our campers develop a respect for nature and exercise.

We’re confident that the future of the Santa Cruz and Los Gatos mountain bike communities is heading in the right direction.

Our mountain bike summer camp has a few spaces left – but space is limited. Sign up before it’s too late!

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