The boys LOVE the camp. Cameron is fully bruised and has multiple scabs and couldn’t be happier!

My boys say that the best part of the entire summer is being able to ride with their brothers and race down Star Wars bike trail. Thanks again for having this camp.

—Wendy, mother of 3

The best thing about this camp is it never gets old and the instructors don’t treat us like babies and it is always fun.

—Tanner, who has been to our mountain bike summer camp 3 years in a row with his brother Archer who has been to camp 2 years.

I can’t believe it my son who never naps fell asleep in the car on the way home. I love that he is outside getting exercise all day and in a great environment with great people.
—Shari, mom of a 10 year old

My son has been to Bike Dojo Camp for a total of 6 weeks. It is the first camp he absolutely loves and the first camp where I am confident in the ownership and instructors. They have the kids riding every day and I have seen how much my son has improved both riding and in his overall confidence.

—Darci, mom of a 13 year old