Staying in shape during the off season is a struggle for every athlete.

While you’re at camp, staying fit is easy – you’re in a group and your friends are challenging you to push yourself.

But you won’t always be able to ride with your friends. Summer comes to an end, and summer camps close for the fall.

In order to stay in shape and continue riding strong, we’ve put together a list of the 3 best exercises mountain bikers can do after camp ends.

Warm Up

Before performing any of these exercises, make sure you’re cleared by a doctor. Also, make sure that you warm up by walking and dynamic stretching for 5 to 10 minutes.

1) Squats

Squats are an essential exercise for any athlete – especially mountain bikers. We get all of our power and stabilization from out legs. Squats are going to work our whole lower body and core. If body weight squats are too easy, try adding weight or a jump at the top.

2) Push ups

Just like squats, push ups are an awesome exercise that you can perform anywhere!

Push ups are not just an exercise for your chest. You’ll also work your core, shoulders, and upper back.

Slouching over your handlebars is a big no no. Slouching can hurt your lower back and negatively affect your posture. Building strength in these muscles will help you stay upright while mountain biking.

3) Sprints

Mountain biking is incredibly dynamic – you’re never going the same speed for long. Climbing up hills, hitting jumps, and flying downhill all require a certain level of skill, strength, and comfort.

Luckily, running sprints will develop all 3 skills.

Running quick intervals (high intensity interval training – HIIT for short) is a great way to develop explosive strength, agility, and confidence going fast.


Developing confidence, a healthy lifestyle and building lifelong friendships do not have to end when summer does. BikeDojo proudly offers an after school mountain bike program for kids.

Ride all year long and be ready to show off your improvements for next year’s camp!

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