Bike-Dojo-Summer-Camp-Santa-CruzOur goal is to make this summer more social than ever!

We’re proud to introduce the official hashtag for the 2014 mountain bike summer camp.

By introducing this hashtag, we make it easier to stay up to date with exactly what is going on each day at camp.

Kids are able to use this hashtag and tag their friends in their posts to show how much they are improving their mountain biking skills.

Parents can simply search this hashtag on their favorite social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest) and see what their kids are up to and to stay updated on camp status.

“Part of the reason that we introduced this hashtag is to develop a community through our summer camps in Santa Cruz and Los Gatos”, says Rob Mylls, the camp’s owner and chief operator. Mylls continues, “If kids are able to connect with their friends through social media by sharing their day’s activities, and by tracking their progress, we hope that more kids will want to be apart of the Santa Cruz mountain bike community.”

Getting people to enjoy exercise through a community based approach has always been Bike Dojo’s top priority. #KidsDojo2014 is just an extension of their already established adult fitness community.

#KidsDojo2014 is taking place this summer in Santa Cruz, and for the first time, Los Gatos. Space is limited and it’s filling up fast.

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