It’s time to put away the chips and the sodas!

Summer is about being active, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying the sun. But when you eat unhealthy, processed or fried foods, your body doesn’t like to get moving.

On our quest to end childhood obesity, develop the Santa Cruz mountain bike community, and help kids get active, we’ve complied a list of 5 Health Summer Smoothies that are extremely easy to make – PLUS your kids will love them.

But first, what is it that makes smoothies so exciting? Is it the fact that you can quickly combine a health amount of fruits and vegetable into a drink that tastes like candy? It is the awesome colors the nutrients produce? Or is it the simplicity and nostalgia that smoothies represent? Give us a shout out on Facebook and let us know what you think!

Let’s get to it – here’s a handpicked list of our favorite healthy, easy to make smoothies!

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