Kids Dojo Makes a DifferenceLast year’s campers made a huge impact on the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Community.

Yes, the Westside pump track is due, in part, to the confident, enthusiastic Kids Dojo Class of 2013.

The Dojo Kids helped convince the City Council to vote unanimously to approve the track.

Last year’s Camp Dojo is one of the first camps that was able to experience what it’s like to have your voice heard in the community.

The scene was surreal – after a day full of mountain biking, hiking, and enjoying kid-friendly mountain bike trails in the Santa Cruz mountains, Dojo owner Rob Mylls asked the kids what they wanted.

The kids chanted, “We want a pump track!”

The City Council honored the request.

After the group left City Hall, Mylls was asked what he thought about the day’s events. “It’s great to know that we’re getting kids active outside and active in the community. I’ve been a cyclist for many years, and I love to help people learn how to ride for fun and exercise. But I never thought I would ever be able to teach kids that their voices can be heard,” he responded.

The pump track is just one stop on this year’s list of mountain bike parks to visit.

Who knows what this year’s campers will bring to the community.

Space is filling up fast – make sure your child knows what it’s like to have their voice heard.

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